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Shops for women's maternity fashion in Berlin

Zehnle von Langsdorff Trousers, trousers, trousers – and finally they fit.

Fürbringerstr. 28, 10961 Berlin
TingDing Atelier TingDing Atelier is the place where the labels TingDing and Kollateralschaden produce and sell their individuel fashion. TingDing is an upcycling label by Philippe Werhahn which turns old clothes into new unique garments.

Bürknerstr. 11, 12047 Berlin
Maternity fashion Pregnancy is a very special time in every woman's life. Obviously, she and her partner are incredibly happy, as are their entire families. At the same time, everyone is still eagerly looking forward to the nine long months of pregnancy finally being over. Naturally, every woman would like to look her very best during this exhilarating time. Until recently, maternity fashion carved out a niche existence, and most mothers-to-be resorted to loose sweaters and simple black shirts in order to hide their bellies as much as possible. But maternity clothes have now become very fashionable. Today, expectant mothers are more than happy to show off their pregnancy, and can draw a lot of attention to themselves by wearing trendy maternity fashion which not only looks great, but also flatters the female body in a way that shapeless XXL clothing never could. Maternity fashion for every taste – Mothers-to-be ravishingly dressed The great thing about modern maternity fashion is the wide variety of available options; personal style definitely does not need to be sacrificed during nine months of pregnancy. Women who loved to wear beautifully feminine dresses before their pregnancy can still do so with equivalent maternity dresses. The kind of alternative women who like jeans and shirts with band prints will find matching maternity clothes. Even women who used to wear respectable business outfits every day at the office can choose from a great variety of smart office maternity clothes. With so many options, shapeless, oversized clothing should be entirely banned from closets. A pregnant woman's belly and modern maternity fashion are much too beautiful not to be shown off. Obviously, maternity fashion is not tailored like regular female clothes. Maternity clothing is wider around the belly, waist and hips, and made out of very flexible materials. Since the belly is steadily growing during the course of the pregnancy, most manufacturers add a certain amount of stretch, meaning that the material will expand in concert with the belly while still showing off the female contours. These items are perfect for anyone who would like to be fashionably dressed during their pregnancy.
 Tunics, dresses and more – shopping for comfortable maternity fashion in Berlin
 Loose dresses or casual tunics are among the most beautiful maternity wear items; they offer enough room for a woman's belly while still helping maintain a truly feminine look. They can also easily be combined with a pair of jeans or a pretty skirt. Generally, maternity trousers and skirts are fitted with an elastic band in order to prevent a feeling of constriction. Due to vast supply, and since most women are looking for high quality items, shopping for maternity fashion in Berlin can become quite challenging. You will find a list of the best shops for maternity fashion in Berlin here on our website.

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