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Shops for women's bags in Berlin

Gretchen Every Mädchen needs a Gretchen

Hackesche Höfe Hof 4, Rosenthalerstr. 40/41, 10178 Berlin
Temporary Showroom TEMPORARY SHOWROOM - a platform for young international designers

Kastanienallee 36a, 10435 Berlin
THE GOOD STORE The Good Store offers contemporary Berlin vintage

Pannierstr. 31, 12047 Berlin
ausberlin the department store for products from berlin!

Karl-Liebknecht-Str. 9, 10178
MANKii Vintage Vintage stuff and accessories for ladies, men and kids from the 40s-90s.

Gormannstr. 16, 10119 Berlin
HOUSE OF DAR feat. JOHNY DAR Johny Dar is an artist and designer pioneering a new form of artistic expression and applying it through a variety of mediums. In July this year, he presented ‘Dare by Johny Dar’ at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Berlin.

Auguststr. 86, 10117 Berlin
O3-Berlin The O3-shop is a showroom for designers from all over the world.

Oderberger Straße 3, 10435 Berlin
FROUFROUBERLIN The production rooms border directly to the cozy retail space. In more loving handwork smallest collections and unique pieces are tailored on request to the body.

Mainzerstrasse 19,10247 Berlin
Das Rote Kleid DAS ROTE KLEID (The Red Dress) in Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin, stands for feminine, figure flattering fashion for every woman – and not only in red.

Oderberger Straße 18, 10435 Berlin
Kauf dich Glücklich - Flagshipstore The 220 square meter Kauf Dich glücklich fagship store on Rosenthaler Straße offers a large selection of fashion, home accessories, books and music.

Rosenthaler Str. 17, 10961 Berlin
<h2>A woman's purse or handbag is considered to be the most important fashion accessory of all.</h2> Not only do they provide plenty of room for important bits and bobs that need to be carried around all day, they also make a visually appealing addition to any outfit, whether it be for a party or a regular day. Women should bear in mind, however, that a purse should always match the shoes it is paired with; for this reason it can never hurt to own several handbags for more variety. When searching for the perfect purse or handbag, Berlin is the perfect shopping destination due to its abundance of shops. Finding a trendy purse should be no trouble at all in this exciting metropolis. <br> <br> <strong>Women's purses – upscale, casual and classic models that cater to every taste</strong> <br> For many women, it's not always easy to find the right purse. The selection can seem endless, and it is important for a purse to not only look good, but also be functional and match a particular wardrobe. Quality, price and size are also very important criteria. Only when all these elements are aligned can a discerning shopper decide they have found the right purse. <br> <br> What exactly should be taken into consideration when buying a new purse? To enjoy a new purse for many years, a little bit more money should be invested in a high quality product rather than cheap, badly-processed models. A lot of inexpensive handbags are made of poor-quality synthetic materials; ripped-off handles, holes, loose zippers or defective locks are often the result. And besides such obvious problems, cheaper materials simply wear out faster. An impulse buy can be fun, but quickly turn into a big disappointment, especially if it turns out that it doesn't match the wardrobe at home; this can be avoided by simply paying close attention to the style and design of the purse before purchasing it. It is worthwhile to take some extra time and effort, since there is not better feeling than finding a quality product that can be mixed and matched with many outfits for years. <br> <br> <h3>Buying purses in Berlin – which model goes with which outfit?</h3> <br> Women's purses nowadays come in a wide range of designs and looks, but naturally this doesn't make it easy to find the right model right away. Ultimately, the goal is to find something attractive and useful which will not end up catching dust in the corner of a room; before buying a new purse it should be decided what it will be used for. Shoulder bags or tote sacks, for example, are functional companions for shopping trips, whereas backpacks are more suited for hikes or nature trips. A fancy clutch purse, on the other hand, goes very well with a nice evening gown and offers enough room to store the bare essentials. People who need to carry a lot of bulky things during the day –- folders and books for uni for example – would be advised to get a spacious leather tote. And last but not least, there are business-and-laptop bags. These are a helpful companion in everyday life, and help protect documents as well as the laptop. <br>
When looking to buy the bag most suitable for you, the numerous specialized shops in Berlin are a great option. The German capital has lots of trendy shops ready and waiting, whether on a stroll in Mitte, Prenzlauer Berg or all around lively Alexanderplatz. We have put together a list of the with the most popular shops for handbags in Berlin on the following few pages.

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