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Shops for men's underwear in Berlin

miwai miwai offers stylish clothing for women, men, kids and babies. We also have accessoires and shoes. For those who feel like it, you can find all the information you need on the ecological aspects of the production.

Sredzkistr. 6, 10435 Berlin
Wertvoll Wertvoll= Values to feel comfortable elegant, fair, smart: Wertvoll fashion is technical perfect, fair produced and eco-friendly all-around. Try yourself how exciting it is to wear the rght things!

Marienburgerstr.39, 10405 Berlin
Linierie - underwear store At the Linierie - underwear store we offer a variety of high quality underwear of internationally well known and not so well known, mostly German, labels: 1979, Aikyou, Elle MacPherson, Falke, Hanro, Hoff by Hoff, Marie Jo, November Lingerie, Seafolly, Stella McCartney and Zimmerli.

Linienstr. 75, 10119 Berlin
Men's underwear Normally, underwear is something we use day after day, without giving it too much thought. However, selecting the underwear we are going to buy should never be left to chance. Fortunately, men's underwear has become available in many different styles - such as boxer shorts or briefs – as well as many different materials such as fine rib and cotton. Berlin offers a huge variety of shops which stock trendy and high-quality men's underwear to cater to any taste. 
Men's underwear – what to look for When it comes to any item of clothing, comfort is the most important thing. Whether opting for casual boxer shorts or tight fitting briefs, it is absolutely vital that any underwear be made of comfortable material, since it will be in close contact with the skin for long periods of the day. Usually, men's underwear is made out of soft and stretchy materials. This combination ensures maximum flexibility and mobility, while providing a tight fit against the body without constriction. In the end, the bottom line is this: the perfect fit is achieved when the underwear isn't noticeable under the clothes. The design of underwear, on the other hand, is simply a matter of taste. Most men prefer comfortable and casual looking boxer shorts that can be worn on a lazy day at home. Some, however, prefer briefs that fit close to the body. Naturally, today's choice of men's underwear includes sporting and functional underwear as well. For example, skiing and snowboarding requires completely different underwear than running or playing football. Another style which is very trendy at the moment is retro pants: These are a kind of hybrid underwear, with the length of boxer shorts, but the tight fit of briefs. Most are made of light and breathable cotton, and are available in many different colours, catering to all tastes. No matter the style or material, the simple fact is that high quality underwear is well worth investing in. (Perhaps even as a present from a girlfriend?) High quality underwear is low maintenance, and will show no signs of wear after numerous wash cycles. Whether it be briefs, shorts, singlets, tank tops, or even bathrobes, men's undergarments ensure that the wearer feels comfortable by day and by night. 
Buying men's underwear in Berlin – shopping in Germany's capital is great fun It is no secret that Berlin – along with cities such as Milan or Paris – is one of the most important fashion metropolises in Europe. It will definitely pay off to visit Berlin when looking for trendy men's underwear. Big shopping centres as well as many of Berlin's small and independently-owned specialty shops offer quality products from top designers and manufacturers. Some of the best shops for men's underwear will be presented to you on the following few pages. We hope you will enjoy shopping in Germany's vibrant capital.

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