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Shops for men's swimwear in Berlin

MANKii Vintage Vintage stuff and accessories for ladies, men and kids from the 40s-90s.

Gormannstr. 16, 10119 Berlin
Men's swimwear Long gone are the days of people covering most of their body with a one piece bathing suit just to go swimming. Today, both men and women love to use swimwear that shows off, and complements, their suntanned skin; depending on body shape and personal taste, one can choose between casual swimming shorts, or various versions of the classic bathing trunks. Shoppers who place a high value on individuality will find themselves spoiled for choice in Berlin, where quality items and a wide variety are not restricted to big stores or fashion chains. Berlin has an abundance of small, owner-operated shops that guarantee a great range of products as well as personalized, friendly consultation; such shops are dotted all over the map in Berlin and can be easily located on the internet. Men's swimwear can also be bought at haberdashers and stores specializing in undergarments and swimwear. Choosing suitable swimwear Men's swimwear must match the personality of its wearer; speedos, for example are only advisable for very young, slender men who can skillfully draw attention to their “six packs” . Men with a few extra pounds around the waist should opt for swim shorts or higher cut trunks, while particularly stout men should avoid loud colours or brash patterns. (More suitable would be swim trunks in darker tones and subtle patterns.) All of these models can be found in well-stocked speciality shops. Shops for men's beach fashion offer a wide range of swimwear in different sizes. Swimsuits with vertical stripes are flattering to the body, as they make the wearer appear taller and slightly slimmer; in this regard, men's swim shorts are naturally advantageous because they sit a bit higher than other types of swimwear, and their width can be regulated. Additionally, the linings in most models shape the body and ensure comfort at the same time. Comfort is what matters As with any other type of clothing, the most important thing about men's swimwear is comfort and the perfect fit; trying on a pair of swim trunks is the best way to determine how they react to movement and if they are the appropriate size. Never be afraid to shop around and ask for personal and extensive consultations; a jump from the three meter board is a bad time to find out that your bathing suit won't stay in place! Swim trunks are made of soft, smooth material and are comfortable to wear. However, shorts are a little looser than trunks and leave a lot of room to move, and in most cases they also come equipped with pockets as a functional addition. This can make shorts a good alternative for some people. Shopping for men's swimwear in Berlin offers a great variety of beach fashion in different sizes and beautiful colour combinations. You will definitely find the right fit if you're looking to buy swimwear in Berlin!

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