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Shops for men's sneaker in Berlin

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MANKii Vintage Vintage stuff and accessories for ladies, men and kids from the 40s-90s.

Gormannstr. 16, 10119 Berlin
Torstrasse The vintagestore located in blooming Torstrasse keeps a wide range of selcted vitage items ready.

Torstrasse 76, 10119 Berlin
Pauls Boutique The streetwear / vintage shop is packed with sneaker, jeans, t-shirts, vintage leatherjackeds, dresses and pretty much everything else that one can wear. You should bring some time to rifle through the shelfs

Oderberger Strasse 47, 10435 Berlin

<p>Sneakers have been a hot property in men's fashion over the last couple of years. Despite being considered as athletes' shoes for the longest time, sneakers are now regarded as comfortable and casual companions in the everyday life of fashionable men. A wide range of different models are available, suitable for fashion conscious men of every age. Whether the style is classic, casual or elegant, high quality men's sneakers are definitely worth the investment. For anyone on the hunt for the trendiest men's sneakers, Berlin is the right place to go, as Germany's lively capital offers a huge variety of shops which will make any shopping trip into a great experience.</p> <h3>Unique footwear – a wide variety of men's sneakers </h3> <p>The classic sneaker is made out of light textile and can be worn almost all year round. Since light materials are naturally light, airy and breathable, a lot of different sneaker models can be worn during the summer, particularly those which are fitted with heat-regulating fabric.</p> <p>A lot of style-conscious men don't want to give up on their beloved sneakers in winter. In this case, shoes that are equipped with warm, soft lining on the inside are highly recommended for the colder months. Sneakers which are suitable for winter will have an external waterproof coating and a reinforced sole to protect the wearer from cold and moisture. In the end, the simplest thing to do is to buy different types of sneakers that can be worn in the appropriate season; owning several different models of sneakers that are tailored to the relevant temperatures is not a bad option.</p> <p>Men's sneakers are most suitable for everyday life, but there are a handful of models that can be worn for festive occasions: fashionable models made of premium cow or goat leather in shiny black or brown are available. Some even come equipped with handsome decorative embellishment. Worn in combination with jeans and a fancy sports jacket, the right sneakers become an elegant companion which can easily replace classic business shoes.</p> <p>Without a doubt, “Chucks” are the truly classic men's sneakers. These ultra-casual, old-school style shoes have been on the market for more than 40 years, becoming absolutely iconic over that time. Though they may not suit an upscale style, they are unbeatable for leisure activities when worn in concert with jeans or shorts. Chucks are available in a vast array of colours and patterns, and can be combined in new and exciting ways every day.</p> 
<h2>Buying high quality sneakers in Berlin</h2> <p>Germany's capital is not merely a city that offers numerous cultural sights, it's also a true paradise for fashion enthusiasts. This city of millions offers an abundance of big shopping malls and stores where anyone can shop to their heart's content, but also contains a variety of smaller shops that take great care of the customer by giving expert advice on what does and doesn't suit each individual. With many shops specializing in sneakers, a large selection is available for the discerning customer. On the following few pages we have created a list of recommended shops for men's sneakers in Berlin. Whether you prefer Prenzlauer Berg, Gendarmenmarkt Market or Friedrichstraße – shopping in Berlin is an unforgettable experience and we will help you find what you are looking for.</p>

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