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Shops for men's leatherwear in Berlin

MANKii Vintage Vintage stuff and accessories for ladies, men and kids from the 40s-90s.

Gormannstr. 16, 10119 Berlin
Kauf dich Glücklich - Flagshipstore The 220 square meter Kauf Dich glücklich fagship store on Rosenthaler Straße offers a large selection of fashion, home accessories, books and music.

Rosenthaler Str. 17, 10961 Berlin
Pauls Boutique The streetwear / vintage shop is packed with sneaker, jeans, t-shirts, vintage leatherjackeds, dresses and pretty much everything else that one can wear. You should bring some time to rifle through the shelfs

Oderberger Strasse 47, 10435 Berlin
RAU Berlin The style of RAU Berlin is made up of extraordinary cuts and an exciting combination of high quality fabrics

Gormannstr. 7, 10119 Berlin
Spitze Spitze - Berlin, Historical clothing, textiles & accessories from 1860 - 1960. Our hearts beat for the original, the special and the extraordinary - in style.

Suarezstr. 53 , 14057 Berlin
Konk Central concept of KONK is to offer a stage to the brand-new collections of Berlin designers, with particular focus given to the connection between fashion, art and the avant-garde.

Kleine Hamburger Str. 15, 10117 Berlin
Secondo SECONDO - since 1986 Berlins most famous second hand shop for high-quality brands and international designers such as Gucci, Chanel, Hermés, Louis Vuitton, Prada, Jil Sander

Mommsenstr. 61, 10629 Berlin
Men's leatherwear There is probably no fashion trend that appears more masculine and and impressive than men's leatherwear. Few people, however, realize what a long history it has. Leatherwear has been around for centuries, even being worn by ancient nomadic peoples; as a natural material which is tough and sturdy, leather was both long-lasting and comfortable. Only in the 50's, however, did leather come to the fore in the world of fashion; the initial surge in popularity was mainly thanks to Hollywood stars like Elvis Presley, Marlon Brando and James Dean, who knew exactly how to spice up an outfit by accentuating it with a leather jacket. But these days, it's not just jackets which are popular: leather trousers, leather belts and other accessories made out of leather have become an important part of any fashion-conscious man's closet. We will show you where to find the best shops for men's leatherwear in Berlin. Leather shirts, leather trousers and more – perfect clothes for style-conscious men The most popular piece of clothing made out of leather is – without a doubt – the leather jacket. For decades it has been a symbol of freedom, independence and rebelliousness, making it very popular with men. Whereas classic leather jackets were black or brown, and mainly present in the rock music scene, they have since become available in all different styles and colours. Whether it be blue, red, green or grey – the right model for any personal taste can be found. Naturally, a leather jacket also needs to fit perfectly: it should be tight enough to accentuate one's figure but not so tight as to make movement impossible for the wearer. The stereotypical, slightly-loose fit is what makes a leather jacket so special and melts womens' hearts. 
Leather trousers – not only for bikers Leather trousers used to exist in their own niche, mainly being worn by bikers. Today, however they are definitely acceptable for everyday life. That being said, it is very important for them to fit loosely, since a pair of leather trousers which is too tight leaves nothing to the imagination. Most men opt for classic black trousers, but brown models are very popular too. Another style of leather trousers is the so called “Lederhosen”. These are very popular in the south of Germany, particularly as part of the traditional apparel of Bavaria. In combination with a chequered shirt, Lederhosen are perfect for an annual visit to Oktoberfest. (For the foreign shopper in Germany, it should be remembered that the word “Lederhosen” can mean any pair of leather pants, OR the traditional “Bavarian Lederhosen” mentioned above; while both styles bear the same name, they are entirely different in their design.)

Shopping tips for buying leatherwear in Berlin The German capital of Berlin is a real Mecca when it comes to shopping, and this holds true not just for women, but men as well. When it comes to buying high quality leatherwear, in particular, Berlin is the place to go. Whether searching for a pair of leather trousers to take to Oktoberfest, or just a casual leather jacket, from Gendarmenmarkt market to Prenzlauer Berg there is a vast number of shops that will fulfill your every wish. On the following pages we will show you a selection of great shops for men's leather fashion. Enjoy your shopping trip in our vibrant capital.

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