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Shops for children's fashion for babies up to teens in Berlin

ausberlin the department store for products from berlin!

Karl-Liebknecht-Str. 9, 10178
MANKii Vintage Vintage stuff and accessories for ladies, men and kids from the 40s-90s.

Gormannstr. 16, 10119 Berlin
nice! - urban Footwear In the middle of "Kreuzkölln" avid sneaker lovers as well as any man and any woman find their absolute favorite shoe - "sneakers, outside the mainstream"

Weserstr. 213, 12047 Berlin
stoffrausch At stoffrausch-headquater the answer to the madness of this world is interweaved with fashion. Creations are incubated here, hand-picked fabrics are pored over, a main part of the stuff is extracted in the own laboratory and prescribed to their consumers.

Weidenweg 53, 10247 Berlin
miwai miwai offers stylish clothing for women, men, kids and babies. We also have accessoires and shoes. For those who feel like it, you can find all the information you need on the ecological aspects of the production.

Sredzkistr. 6, 10435 Berlin
Upcycling Fashion store The successful concept of “The Upcycling Fashion Store” is mainly based on the authenticity, the know-how and passion of the founders that also run their own label “aluc”. The store is a solid melting pot for UPCYCLING fashion and shows with constantly changing collections what lies behind the concept.

Anklamer Str. 17, 10115 Berlin
BFN POP SHOP The BFN Concept Store left the Hackesche Höfe and moved around the corner to Weinmeisterstraße 2 as BFN POP SHOP.

Weinmeisterstraße 2, 10178 Berlin
Blutsgeschwister "Mitte Hütte" The Berlin flagship store opened in July 2009 eröffnet and since then, it enjoys popularity with it’s charme. The unique German brand “Blutsgeschwister” offers collections which draw from tradition and blends them with modern urban flavours, forming them into their own distinct style.

Almstadtstr. 9-11, 10119 Berlin
Madame und Eva Individual fashion for small and big ladies can be found in the nice shop in Bergmannkiez. Belgin Rettig Cürük as a fashion designer has a keen sense for special pieces to delight the hearts of girls and women. She leads Dutch children's fashion (Kidscase, Imps & Elfs, Vinrose), individual pieces ...

Friesenstr. 10, 10965 Berlin
children's clothes from Berlin Luckily, the times in which children had to wear their older siblings' hand-me-downs are over. In fact, quite the opposite is is true today, as the adult maxim “you are what you wear” has now reached children's fashion. It's a shame that so many children are wearing identical clothes. There are two main tendencies in current children's fashion: One is the customary look such as shirts and sweaters with prints of cars and pirates on them for boys, or trousers with pink glitter embroidery for girls; the other is to follow the styles that have been made acceptable by Hollywood parents. This can include children's shoes with heels, or designer rompers or onesies. But whether it is for financial reasons or ideological ones, very few parents are willing to spend a fortune on designer clothes for their children, since they grow out of them in only a few months. Nonetheless, a lot of children appreciate individuality, and it has become totally acceptable for children have a say when it comes to choosing their clothes. Our clothes are supposed to express our personalities, even children know that, and Berlin is the place to go for fashion-forward parents looiking to find shops for kids' fashion. The latest kids' fashion at affordable prices are to be found there, and there are some truly one-of-a-kind items to be found. Berlin is also a great place to shop for those who do not want their child's clothes to have been manufactured by children of the same age in third world countries. While numerous large fashion chains make headlines on the news due to their inhumane working conditions, in Berlin many young designers establish themselves apart from mainstream. These designers are mindful of fair manufacturing conditions, as well as the importance of having production sites in Germany. After all, high-quality workmanship always enjoys a good international reputation. But this is true for any high-quality cloths, not just those which are made in Germany. The bottom line is, nobody wants T-Shirts from discount shops which will be faded or even damaged after only a few cycles in the washing machine. More and more, there are shops springing up in Berlin which place value on selling ecologically and ethically correct kids' fashion for fair prices without sacrificing quality 
So much for the theory. What exactly is this season's trend in children's fashion? As a general rule, it is kids' fashion that looks more and more like adult fashion; these days, some pieces of clothing look like they came right out of mum's or dad's closet, only a few sizes smaller. For girls, purple is the trendy colour, especially when it's a bright and loud shade (which works very well in combination with black.) Speaking of combinations, another trend in kids' fashion is pastel shades which work very well with similar shades, as well as with classic beige. Fashion-conscious boys are favouring bright shades worn in concert with dark blue or gray. In young boys' fashion, casual clothes are currently all the rage; most of them wouldn't even trade their sneakers or trainers for smart low shoes.

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