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Shops for men's business shoes in Berlin

MANKii Vintage Vintage stuff and accessories for ladies, men and kids from the 40s-90s.

Gormannstr. 16, 10119 Berlin
A Good Man Contemporary and timeless fashion for men, high-quality garments which are neither too tailored nor overdressed.

Kleine Hamburger Str. 3. 10115 Berlin
FUSSGARAGE Always One Step Ahead “You’ll walk well with us” is the motto here.

Simon-Dach-Strasse 13, 10245 Berlin
Torstrasse The vintagestore located in blooming Torstrasse keeps a wide range of selcted vitage items ready.

Torstrasse 76, 10119 Berlin
Goo "Goo" the little sister from "Pauls Boutique" only two doors further, is specialized in vintage suits, shirts and dresses from famous designer brands.

Oderbergerstrasse 45, 10435 Berlin
Stereoki Stereoki is a menswear store offering a creative mix of premium streetwear and men‘s fashions, located right on Boxhagener Platz.

Gabriel-Max-Str. 18, 10245 Berlin
FRIEDRICH FRIEDRICH offers made to measure in cooperation with renown manufactories or bespoken tailoring in its own atelier.

Gipsstraße 4, 10119 Berlin
Spitze Spitze - Berlin, Historical clothing, textiles & accessories from 1860 - 1960. Our hearts beat for the original, the special and the extraordinary - in style.

Suarezstr. 53 , 14057 Berlin
miwai miwai offers stylish clothing for women, men, kids and babies. We also have accessoires and shoes. For those who feel like it, you can find all the information you need on the ecological aspects of the production.

Sredzkistr. 6, 10435 Berlin
Wertvoll Wertvoll= Values to feel comfortable elegant, fair, smart: Wertvoll fashion is technical perfect, fair produced and eco-friendly all-around. Try yourself how exciting it is to wear the rght things!

Marienburgerstr.39, 10405 Berlin
<p>In the working world, a serious and professional appearance is absolutely essential. Unfortunately, many people still underestimate the truth in the saying “you are what you wear”. However, picking the right business shoes can be a good step in the right direction since they give every outfit a sophisticated finish, and can turn anyone into the perfectly dressed businessman. The vibrant metropolis of Berlin offers a wide variety of shops that stock high-quality business shoes.</p> <b>Men's business shoes – stylishly confident with exclusive shoes</b> <p>When it comes to men's business shoes there is no room for compromise: the design and quality have to be outstanding. Investing in high-quality business shoes can provide comfort and enjoyment for decades, as well as footwear that will never lose any of its colour or shine. </p> <p>The best-quality shoes are always made of smooth or rough leather (veal leather in most cases). The benefit of this material is that over time it becomes perfectly adjusted to the individual foot shape and movement of its wearer while also effectively regulating moisture within the shoe. Numerous models are also equipped with a sturdy cork sole. This sole perfectly adapts to the foot's shape, and offers maximum comfort. Horse-leather shoes are becoming increasingly popular, though these are considerably more expensive. </p> <p>In addition to the material, the shape of a business shoe is also of great importance. Classic models that can be combined in many versatile ways are a great option, especially when they are worn on a daily basis. Of course, trendy, out-of-the-ordinary business shoes are also available, but these should be purchased as a back up pair only. A unicolour, classic-style business shoe in simple black or brown is always the best way to go.</p> <p>Men's business shoes made of smooth black leather are a good choice for special occasions. Ideally, these should be equipped with a flat leather sole. For more casual occasions, slippers or shoes with a fine perforation are suitable, too. Basically one cannot go wrong with black shoes, however, other muted shades can be very complimentary: for example, a grey pair of trousers worn in concert with brown shoes. It is also an absolute must that the belt of an outfit match the colour of the shoes as closely as possible, as this is the only way to achieve a truly professional look.</p> <p>For business shoes which are not being worn, using a shoe tree can help maintain the shoe's shape and elasticity. In addition, regular care with a suitable brush and some leather conditioner is recommended in order to keep business shoes in good condition for several years. For best results, shoes should be maintained once every six months.</p> <h3>Buying upscale business shoes in Berlin – you will definitely find what you are looking for</h3> <p>Hardly any other major European capital can boast the abundance of shopping opportunities available in Berlin. Whether it be in big shopping centres or small independently owned shops, men's business shoes can be purchased in almost every Berlin district from Mitte to Prenzlauer Berg to Kreuzberg. On the following few pages we will show you where to find the best places when shopping for men's business shoes.</p>

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