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Frau Tonis Parfum

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Zimmerstr. 13, 10969 Berlin

"In terms of fragrances, THE place to be in Germany."

Wall Street Journal recommends “Berlin in a bottle”, Vogue Germany raves " ...a Mecca for perfume aficionados." Frau Tonis exclusive perfumes are nothing less than an evocative journey through the sensual richness of one’s own past. Deco Home is convinced: "In terms of fragrances, THE place to be in Germany."
Frau Tonis Parfum offers exclusively manufactured fragrances for men and women – among which the eccentrically aromatic „Aventure“, with its subtle notes of cedar wood, ambergris and rose pepper. Or the energetically fresh „Berlin Summer“, and deliciously vernal „Linde Berlin“, conjuring memories of Berlin’s cheerfully fragrant linen trees, or „Pure Violet“, a scent composed for Berlin’s grande dame, Marlene Dietrich, in the 1920s. We create scents for olfactory individualists. Perfume as a source of inspiration – this is our philosophy at Frau Tonis!

Letting perfumes speak for themselves, as a source of inspiration, without expensive ad campaigns or adorning celebrities: this is our philosophy at FRAU TONIS PARFUM. Because, to us, luxury is not a matter of extravagance, but of taking the time to carefully and lovingly select a range of exquisite manufacture scents. Our Berlin boutique offers the ideal setting to discover our line of fragrances in a serene setting. Feel free to wander about and be inspired by our scents. Let them take you on a sensuous journey into the olfactory memory of your past.
Engage in dialogue with our scents and combine them according to personal taste to create your very own customized fragrance. As a part of the creative process you will be able to witness the making of your very own perfume. Our experienced scent experts will gladly assist you along the way.
Our manufacture scents are made here in Berlin and are show cased in clear glass pharmacy bottles to guarantee that nothing will distract you from what is really important, the fragrance itself. Because perfumery is an art form we hold dear. Our fragrances range from the fresh floral, „Linde Berlin“, and energetically tangy “Berlin Summer”, to the utterly extravagant “Pure Violet”, a scent that captivated Berlin’s very own Marlene Dietrich almost 100 years ago. Our olfactory homage to the city of Berlin is the wonderful “Eau de Berlin”, a modern, energetic, fresh and vibrant scent that mirrors the city it represents. Our love for perfumes can be felt in every little detail.

Frau Tonis Parfum
Zimmerstr. 13, 10969 Berlin (Mitte)
+49 30 2021 5310

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Christina K.   |   2015-03-13 14:50:31
Frau Tonis ist ein kleiner, außergewöhnlicher Laden, in dem man sich sein eigenes Parfum zusammenstellen kann. Empfehlenswert sind die Kurse, bei denen man in Ruhe und unter Anleitung kreativ werden kann. Es gibt Gruppenkurse oder einzelne Veranstaltungen, die man ab zwei Personen buchen kann ein nettes, wenn auch nicht ganz preiswertes Geschenk.

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