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USE UNUSED - Hungarian fashion conquers the Berlin Fashion Week

29. January 2015 at 18:42
USE UNUSED - Hungarian fashion conquers the Berlin Fashion Week
Used Unused founder Eszter Füzes, Attila Godena-Juhász and András Tóth

Eszter Füzes, Attila Juhasz and Andras Toth-Godena have an agenda with their label Use Unused, founded in 2004: to provide all stylish, demanding women with premium quality fashion at a contemporary price - a goal that they have probably reached.

At the Berlin Fashion Week, they presented an expressive, feminine, exciting collection that can wear women as well in Paris as in New York or Berlin.

The Hungarian label advanced in his home country in no time to the trendiest fashion brand and now is also internationally on the march.
In Berlin, it was able to convince the fashion pack with its sophisticated, clean, discreet futuristic cuts and harmonious color combinations. Oversized is very fashionable and combined with form-fitting parts, leather with knitwear, long over short.
To emphasize the skillful cut still more, dark piping accentuate the seam lines, which results in a very strong modern look. An exciting collection that will soothe us next winter.

Pictures: © Mercedes-Benz Fashion

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