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Spring/Summer 2015 Trend Alert: All White Everything

22. March 2015 at 22:01
Spring/Summer 2015 Trend Alert: All White Everything

White from head to toe

White skirts, white blouses, white leather shoes, white pants, white trench coats, white nail polish, white accessories - spring/summer is all about the color white: totally in white from head to toe!

The last spring / summer trend especially banked on bright colors, pastels and color blocking, this years theme is: white, white, white - are all my clothes from head to toe! For the white totally look is probably the most seductive trend this year!

On the road or on the red carpet, the radiant look is perfect for the summer temperatures! Designers and celebrities already bank for some time on this elegant and radiant look. While in everyday life this look is worn casually elegant, it may be a little more glamorous and daring for evening events - Diane Kruger in Elie Saab or Rihanna in Stella McCartney show it skilfully. With gold jewelry or other small color details you give the main points for All Over White Look.

At the same time, it is not so easy to make the All Over White Look perfect, the noble classic could easily be reminiscent of a doctors lab coat or simply look slightly cheap. You should consider: the combination of materials creates a skilful look ! In general this aspect is valid for each color in totally look! With bright colors above all we have to pay attention to the quality of materials, otherwise the look can be visually cheap! Especially white synthetics look quickly tasteless, so the best is: hands off!

Pay attention to the cuts - not too low necklines or fringes seams, avoid to short or tight skirts or minis. In contrast, elegant and simple forms are required - this makes the look just right up! The best thing about white is - assuming the color is worn clever: associations are only positive! It signals luminosity, openness and the future. With White come what may, its radiance just tops it all!

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