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shopping tip: Très Bonjour

05. December 2013 at 13:58
shopping tip: Très Bonjour
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If you're about the search for something really unique, attractive as well as style ahead you need to arrive to Très Bonjour at Torstr. 3! Because the brand Très Bonjour along with its 2 style creative designers Viola Jaeger as well as Sandra Dresp is actually specialized upon fashioning high quality latex in order to unique couture as well as underwear. Alongside high quality latex underwear and style you'll find extravagant accessories such as incredible mitts, fashionable collars, bows or even over knees… Each and every item they provide can make the typical ensemble appears therefore unique, as well as advert a little sexiness into it.

The little, stunning Store is really an actual paradise, where one can find the variety inside a slow paced life and obtain professional tips. Très Bonjour is a genuine forthcoming celebrity within the berlin style picture. Their own selections had been currently showcased within nearly every essential style journal such as Vouge, Marie-Claire, Glamour and so on. Therefor visit Torstr. 3, check out Très Bonjour and as well as adore this, such as we used to do.

You can find the Tres Bonjour Store right here.

Shopping Tipp Très Bonjour

Shopping Tipp Très BonjourShopping Tipp Très BonjourShopping Tipp Très BonjourShopping Tipp Trés Bonjour

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