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Holy Ghost fashion show autumn/winter 2015/16

22. January 2015 at 18:07
Holy Ghost fashion show autumn/winter 2015/16
Die beiden Designerinnen von Holy Ghost Jelena Radovanovic und Sedina Halilovic

The Autumn/Winter 15/16 collection "Smoke on the Water" by Holy Ghost lives up to its name. Oversized, masculine-looking cuts in shades of petrol, dark blue and mint symbolize the strong element of water and are complemented by delicate flowing elements such as dresses, blouses and skirts in white, beige, powder, taupe and grey, which wonderfully reflect the delicacy of the smoke.

Jelena Radovanovic and Sedina Halilovic presented the really successful collection at the offside location HO in Holzmarktstr. 66, inviting you to snuggle down but nevertheless absolutely for office and everyday use. From pantsuits, blouses, dresses, skirts to T-shirts, everything is really doing what the woman’s heart wants.

The mystical atmosphere of the show, backed by more than normal subdued inserted light, cold stone floor and billowing mist, conveyed an impression in me of very early morning hours, before sunrise, when the mist is still above lakes and rivers. Into this image the collection of the two designers fit wonderful and made the show for me a true work of art.

The oversize cardigans, sweaters or coats over softly falling, draped silk dresses, the pastel but mystical dark tones of the collection - a thoroughly thought-out, coherent concept.

Materials such as fine leather, elegant silk, warming and super cuddly cashmere, jersey and translucent chiffon were combined - which as a whole gives a fascinating mix, striking as well the metallic vans that were worn with casual pants and dresses.
What I added to my favorite looks was on one hand, the combination of powder-colored wrap skirt, a gray T-shirt and gray chunky knit cardigan, the casual look of loose-fitting leather Chino in gray, white blouse and cream colored oversize jacket and on the other hand, the look with the powder-colored blazer coat without sleeves.
The combination of nonchalance and yet feminine elegance the designers of Holy Ghost have really well done here - a fact that is very commendable, I think – especially in the casual Berlin where is not attached utmost importance to femininity. The collection - a perfect combination of Berlin understatement and Parisian chic.
All in all, a collection that I really liked and in which indeed I see myself walking through Berlin next winter.

Pictures: © Mercedes-Benz Fashion

©Mercedes-Benz Fashion
©Mercedes-Benz Fashion

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