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myStyleSpotHunter is an intelligent guide for shopping tours to absolute insider tips and HotSPOTS of a city. Having a sophisticated filter system it enables everyone in a foreign city or in his hometown to find those shops that fit someones style, taste and budget as well unique are the editorial theme- and trend tours which guide under aspects of themes and special trends through the city starting with Berlin myStyleSpotHunter will filter the shops of more and more cities online and guide people to the most beautiful and often hidden shops of it myStyleSpotHunter homepage is free-to-use as well as the Lite-Version of our citySHOPPERapp. Just the Full-Version of the app in Appstore will cost a small amount there is more of myStyleSpotHunter on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram and of course on our Blog

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Die myStyleSpotHunter Homepage

ist mobil optimiert und auf allen gängigen Smartphones und Tablets voll funktionsfähig und einfach zu bedienen.


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myStyleSpotHunter Homepage

Die myStyleSpotHunter App: citySHOPPER Gewinner des Red Dot Design Awards 2013! CityShopper App Finalist Mobile Premier Award 2014

Preisgekrönte, ausgezeichnete CityShopper App

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Die citySHOPPER App von myStyleSpotHunter, ein vollständiger Personal Shopper für die Handtasche. Zur Zeit nur für Berlin erhältlich. Download: (ZIP Archiv/ PNG 3,9MB)


Shopping mit myStyleSpotHunter: immer ein echtes Vergnügen und ein voller Erfolg!
Woman with mobile phone and shopping bags Shopping woman using digital tablet Shopping mit myStyleSpotHunter Pretty girlfriends pay with credit card Young man consults with girlfriend while selecting a fashionable shirt


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