Welcome to myStyleSpotHunter!

We, the team of myStyleSpotHunter, set our sights on simplifying shopping all over the streets of the world by making it possible to filter shops by location, price, style and products. So you can easily find shops fitting you closely.

Shopping in Berlin will become an adventure

Starting with the fashion hot spot Berlin we will make it possible to filter more fashion metropolises bit by bit, so that you finally can discover new shops in your own city or you can prepare the shopping tour for your next city trip already at home.

Your shopping guide for Berlin

If you like to act mobile, you can use our citySHOPPERapp for iPhone (other systems will follow). The app will not only show you shops corresponding to your taste and budget, but can also offer guided shopping tours to you. So you will be guided by especially created tours through the districts or to different emphases through Berlin (further cities will follow).

Our fashion news will keep you in the loop with what is going on in the fashion world, what are the newest trends, where you will find special actions, discounts, events and much more.